Visit Khasab dhow cruise Tour and Other things to DO in Khasab

By | August 11, 2020

Khasab Fortress – The capital of the Ras Musandam region is called Khasab. It is more accessible from the United Arab Emirates, but you can also take the fastest ferry in the world, connecting the capital Muscat. This fortress has been recovered

Telegraph Island

Lost island in the middle of the Musandam Peninsula. In the 19th century, there was a British station used here to drive telegraph messages along the submarine cable of the Persian Gulf, which was part of the London – Karachi telegraph cable in Pakistan. Nowadays, there are only a few small ruins of no interest, but the place is super beautiful and spectacular for snorkeling.

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The historic city of Nizw

Nizwa is one of my favorite cities in Oman. It has lots of places to visit, such as the animal and vegetable market, the castle with Portuguese cannons, the potteries, and the old town. The view from the top of the castle is fantastic. In Nizwa you can also visit the famous plumbing and water supply systems to the oases, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Haat village

Lost village in the middle of the Jebel Akhdar mountains. Here, several stone houses are protected by palm trees. There is a small river, a Falaj irrigation system, and a water tank with a member of the village always present and protected with an AK-47. There is also a small pool of natural water, coming from a mountain spring. The children are amiable and we can also “play” with the goats.

Jabrin Castle

An excellent example of military architecture in the region. Built by Imam Sultan bin Saif Al Ya’arubi in 1670. It is fantastic to explore the interior of this enormous castle, enjoy the views from the top of the tower, and discover the fabulous ceilings of the many rooms and rooms inside.

Bahla Fortress

BahlaCastle is one of the historic fortresses near Djebel Akhdar. The castle dates from the 13th century and is in good repair after being closed for renovation for several years. This building is surrounded by an oasis with incredible landscapes. This place is on the UNESCO list as a World Heritage Site.

Al Hazm

Location with a lot of history. Al Hazm has a fort, several ruins of the old village, and an ancient tomb at the top of the hill. The landscape is always beautiful, mixing green palm trees with desert mountains.

Coast in Sadah

Driving to Sadah was fantastic. The landscapes are brutal and unique beauty. Sarah is a small town by the sea, which is usually very busy. The surrounding mountains mix black rock with sand.

Dunes of Ramlat as Sahmah

The dunes of Ramlat as Sahmah are basically the end of the high desert of Ar Rub Al Khali in Saudi Arabia. Here, dunes of beautiful orange sand delight dessert lovers like me. The area has nothing around it, no one lives, and so you can have the freedom to climb to the top and enjoy the fantastic views.

Oil wells in Fahud

Fahud is a significant oil center in Oman. Here, in the middle of the desert, there isan extensive infrastructure for the extraction of oil and gas. The combination of towers and pipelines makes this environment a little surreal. To get here, you have to drive through the desert on a dirt road. At a certain point, I discovered that it was prohibited, and I had a military escort for 30km.

Omanite Homestay

Being received by an Omani Family is a unique experience, as these people are amiable and excellent hosts. I was offered a lot of food and, incredibly, I was given a set of clothes and a traditional turban. When someone invites you to go home to drink tea, coffee, or eat … accept the invitation.

Rhyme Petro station

The landscape of Rima is dry, with desert mountains with a high valley of massive cliffs. There is also a large oil extraction field with huge machines that operate 24 hours a day to extract black gold from the earth. The sound of these machines is strangely pleasant.

Abandoned boats in Ras-Hilf

This is the capital of Masirah Island. Although the city itself is not very interesting, its beaches with many wrecked boats are always a beautiful “landscape” to see and photograph. Many of these abandoned boats can be climbed.

Ras Madrakah Beach

The beach landscape in Ras Madrakah is beautiful. Here thousands of crabs make the beach their territory, and it is hilarious to run after them to the water. A symphony of water waves, running back and forth with Nature. They don’t get caught.

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