Two Nil Discusses The Concept of Brand Activation

By | October 1, 2020

Having a robust marketing strategy has become indispensable for diverse modern businesses. There are numerous elements coming under the marketing process of any major brand, brand activation being one of them. According to the experts working at Two Nil, this term implies to the execution of the marketing mix as part of the overall marketing procedure.  Founded in the year of 2011, this company largely deals with strategy, analytics, and media activation, and has served a number of direct-to-consumer brands. Brand activation is often referred to as media activation as well, and it deals with the system of driving consumer action with the help of brand interaction and experiences.

To meet up the competition levels prevalent in the contemporary business environment, brands have to keep finding innovative marketing methods to reach their customers. Media or brand activation is among the many marketing tools used by companies like Two Nil to help their clients.  This firm offers its clients with a host of solutions for their acquisition marketing requirements, including growth strategy, media activation, optimization, and forecasting.

Brand activation can be considered to be a process through which the entrepreneurs make their brand known to people, while enhancing awareness and engagement with the help of some kind of brand experience.  As a new brand enters the market, it needs to be ‘activated’ in order to catch the attention of their target audience and let them know about the existence of the business. However, this marketing method does not only apply to new brands. Any company desiring to rebrand itself and provide their company with a popularity boost can also go for brand activation.

The experts of Two Nil mention that all entrepreneurs would know the importance of representing or showcasing a brand in a positive light. Brand activation can act as an interactive platform for diverse firms, which aids them in empowering their brand image and drive the maximum number of customers. By following a systematic and well-rounded brand activation strategy, businesses can ensure the maximum exposure for their business.

The fact that brand activation helps in strengthening the relationship between a brand and its customers would be among its key advantages. Activation tools help companies to bond with its target audience, and subsequently develop a set of loyal customers for the business.

While brand activation can be of different types, some of the major ones are:

  • Consumer promotions
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Digital campaigns
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Sampling campaigns

The perfect form of brand activation shall depend on the type of a brand, its offerings, and the target audience. Among all of these forms, digital campaigns are most commonly used by major brands today.

There are many people who confuse brand marketing with brand activation. However, it is important to understand that brand marketing is a way more expansive process that involves both promoting and maintaining a brand, while brand activation sticks to simply popularizing the firm and its name among the target audience.

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