Tips to Use Chandeliers in Your Kitchen and Add Some Charm

By | December 3, 2020

Kitchen design is based on functionality and practicality in mind. Each element chosen has a purpose. The countertop is easy to clean and durable. The cabinetry is robust and offers sufficient storage. The appliances are reliable and energy-efficient. Nevertheless, you can play creatively with kitchen lighting.

Technically, a chandelier is a type of light fixture hanged down from a ceiling. It involves many bulbs and lots of crystals. Commonly regarded to be a type of formal lighting, so is usually installed in foyers, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Today, designers can get a little creative and even use them in the kitchen. For example, a ceiling-mounted range hood offers a challenge, which you can overcome. Generally, chandeliers hang 29” to 30” above any surface. It is better to go above 30” in the kitchen, so there is no obstacle.

Chandeliers are the focal point. You cannot blame them! Everyone adores the glitz and glamor a chandelier has to offer. Without hesitation, you can choose a large kitchen crystal chandelier that adds visual beauty. You can have chandeliers with polished nickel, antique brass, or chrome finishes. Check glamorous kitchen chandeliers on will help you highlight the room’s soft, elegant, and feminine essence.

  • A kitchen with white wooden cabinetry can get heightened with a crystal chandelier. It adds class, a feel of sophistication, and balance to the kitchen décor.
  • In modern and minimalist kitchen design, white globe chandeliers offer visual and playful geometrical interest to your sleek and overall stainless-steel theme.
  • You can even incorporate several design styles. On a euro-style kitchen install a modern dome-shaped crystal chandelier. In the white-washed country kitchen, a contrast of black shaded silver chandelier helps to offset the tones.
  • Geometric silhouettes and clean lines are the open-concept kitchen’s design features. A clear pendant cluster chandelier can make a statement as well as retain a feel of openness.
  • A couple of circular chandeliers handing over your kitchen island offers a simple visual and balanced ambiance. Glowing orb pendants suspended over Kitchen Island exhibits a feel of coordination and harmony.
  • A gold sputnik chandelier can offer your sophisticated kitchen a spunky personality. It adds boldness to the area with icy tips standing out. Play with colors and have fun!
  • If you desire a feeling of simplicity, then choose a chandelier with several translucent orbs. The traditional shape creates visual balance and adds a rustic vibe to your sophisticated dining table or kitchen island.
  • For long kitchen counters or Islands, go linear. Linear or rectangular crystal chandeliers with clean angles and sleek lines help to stretch and add the much necessary visual depth.
  • If your kitchens have white or gray countertops including gold wall details then go for a white orb chandelier with gold stems. Such fine detail helps to blend the overall décor and creates visual harmony.
  • Coordinate large 3-tiered chandeliers over the dining table with several small matching chandeliers above your Kitchen Island.

Many different kitchen chandelier types are available. It doesn’t matter if you like bold designs or minimal geometric patterns. Consider the ambiance, you like to create in your contemporary kitchen.

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