Tips for Getting Learner and Provisional Driving License

By | November 24, 2020

Passing the Driver Knowledge Test is not so hard because you need to study the basic NSW Road rules. On passing you get a learner’s license. The second test is the Hazard Perception test that you need to pass to move to practical driving assessment to get your probationary or P1 license.

To get Ls successfully……

  • Study Driving Handbook to get familiar with the road rules. You also need to take practice or mock tests to identify your weaknesses and work on them before appearing for the real DKT.
  • Book your DKTs at a time, when you are focused. It should never be a squeeze between study and work. Reach the test center early to calm those jittery nerves. You can even get time for last-minute revision.
  • Whenever you ride a car with family or friends carefully observe the driver get an idea of how they control and handle the existing situations. You can ask questions and if you are in doubt about certain road rules check it out in the handbook.
  • Stay calm and cool during DKT. There is no time limit, so read the questions carefully and answer each choice wisely. There will be several questions similar to those you came across in the practice tests.

These tips can help you pass the DKT and obtain a learner’s license and driver’s logbook. Now, you will need to plan driving lessons under supervision. Driver lessons can be booked with experienced instructors from LTrent Driving School. Your parents or friend with a full driving license can help you practice.

How does the learner driver need to prep for the provisional driving tests?

  • Get familiar with the areas around the test center. The test can last for 30-45 minutes, so the test may take place near the testing office. Take some driving lessons around the testing office to get accustomed to the environment. You get prepared psychologically as you will drive in a familiar zone without feeling overwhelmed by driving on new terrain, especially during the test.
  • Put more hours in driving practice under supervision. The more skills you nurture the more prepared you will be to control the car. You will have to demonstrate some slow-speed maneuvers, which are simple but still candidates get trapped and fail the test. So, keep calm and focused on the test or you will make small avoidable errors.
  • You will also need to demonstrate the function and location of different car controls, devices, and instruments. Using them competently is crucial but knowing how they work is crucial. Learn your car controls and tools inside out to avoid blanks when asked a relevant question.
  • Make sure to collect the documents needed for the driving test including the learner’s license, logbook, or if necessary original international license.
  • Get a sound sleep the night before to avoid physical and mental stress. Eat and drink moderately before the test. Feel confident and drive safely according to the NSW Road Rules.


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