My Best Car Accessories

By | November 21, 2020

Having to drive allot for my job I do like to keep myself entertained while driving around, that’s why car accessories are a big part of my car and without them my life would decently be allot more boring than it is, below are some of my favorite car accessories I use.

My sat-navigation system is also a must for me as I’m completely useless when it comes to getting somewhere without getting lost on the way, before I had one I used to pull over every couple of miles looking at a map and stressing out because I was going around in circles looking for somewhere, now all I have to do is put the address in and I get directed to the place I want to go how cool is that.

Sat navigation systems are allot cheaper than when I first started using them and there is allot more of a choice on the market, they are also allot more advanced.

My Bluetooth radio is a big must for me as I love music and as whenever I listen to the radio I usually can find what I really want to listen to, car cup holder adapter for large cups so as I download allot of my music onto my phone I can connect up with the radio as soon as I get into the car and listen to whatever I want.

One of my best things about my Bluetooth radio is the hands free capability with my phone, so I can talk to people over my speakers and not through a head set, as sometimes in the past I have forgotten to put my headset on before I set of and my phone rings so I am trying to put the headset on whist driving, this isn’t a good idea as this could cause a serious road accident, so not having to worry about the headset in the first place is not only more compatible but one less thing to worry about.

My next best car accessory is my universal car cup holder this doesn’t only hold my drink while I drive it also holds my phone and laptop or ipad universal car cup holders are by far one of the most important parts of your car, as if you don’t have one you will put everything onto the seat next to you and when you break it goes onto the floor or you aren’t looking at the road but looking at who is calling you, also holding a cup of coffee while driving isn’t a great idea for the obvious reasons.

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