Looking For Commercial Property For Rent? Find Space With Historic Flare

By | May 11, 2020

When thinking about a company’s first impression, the writing is often on the walls. There are many elements that go into making a business unique. Everything from advertising and marketing to online presence and customer service to the very product being offered factor into whether a brand will stand out from its competitors. There is one element, however, that is often overlooked: the company’s building itself.

One of the easiest remedies for a business that is ailing from a bland locale is moving into a historic building, and St. Louis is the perfect place to make this change happen. When it comes to commercial space for rent, St. Louis is a prime location.

You can ask yourself: What kind of space does my business occupy? How would a customer describe it to a colleague or friend? Then, ask more specific questions: What historical decade does my space align my business with? How does that reflect on my brand? What historical tone is my space invoking?

These questions matter. They matter as much as any other of your brand’s first impressions do.

Finding commercial property Apartments for rent in Hong Kong for rent can be a difficult thing, and finding historic property can be even more difficult, but the benefits of doing so are overwhelming. Here are some reasons many businesses are upgrading their commercial space for rent St. Louis style:

For starters, setting up shop in a historic building shows that you have taste (even if you don’t!). Think about it. There are reasons that buildings are called “historic” and not just “old.” One of those reasons is that they, the buildings themselves, are treasured as objects of art. By moving into one, you will be saying to your clients or customers that you care-not just about art, but about where and how you conduct your business.

What many enthusiasts have noticed throughout the years is that architecture lends an inexplicable kind of magic to any atmosphere-a je ne sais quoi, as an artist-type might say. To translate: you’ll have ambience. Customers and clients will be attracted to your space (just as they will be attracted to the heritage tourism circuit you will now also be benefitting from).

Beyond clientele, the warmth of an historic building will have an even larger affect on those who occupy your space the most: employees. Work will seem more fun. The space will serve as a mascot or rallying point, increasing morale and making people want to be there. This is priceless.

Once you have staked out every commercial property for rent in your area, carefully considered them all, and bought one, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that you have just invested in a “green” building. Indeed, while the current trend is to “go green” by focusing on environmentally friendly elements of new construction, experts will tell you that, in fact, historic buildings are the greenest buildings. By avoiding the cost and environmental damage that demolition and construction cause, your new historic space will be contributing toward making the planet and, more importantly, your new neighborhood, a better place.

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